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waterpocket fold

Remote backcountry areas require high clearance 4x4

Remote backcountry areas require high clearance 4x4


South District - Capitol Reef National Park

The Waterpocket Fold is the definitive feature of Capitol Reef National Park. A 100-mile long warp in the Earth’s crust, this fold is a classic monocline: a regional fold with one very steep side in an area of otherwise nearly horizontal layers. A monocline is a step-up in the rock layers. 

Spectacular views of the southern district of Capitol Reef can be had atop the ridges of this monocline which are uniquely different from that of the northern district of Cathedral Valley. Slot canyons, arches and natural bridges coupled with the geology make touring the Waterpocket Fold a world-class experience!

  • 4 Hour Indian Culture Tour – Fruita, scenic loop & Pleasant Creek Canyon (easy hiking)
  • 6 Hour Jeep Tour – Strike Valley, Muley Twist, Burr Trail (best for those wishing for less hiking)
  • 8 Hour Jeep Tour – Strike Valley, Muley Twist, Burr Trail with more time for hiking & photography
  • 10 Hour Hiking Tour – Upper Muley Twist (strenuous)
1-2 Guests
3-4 Guests
5+ Guests
4 Hour Indian Culture Tour
6 Hour Jeep Tour
8 Hour Jeep/Hiking Tour
10 Hour Hiking Upper Muley Twist Tour

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  • Locally owned and operated for 2 decades, our guides have simply been serving the Capitol Reef NP area much longer than the competition. 
  • Thousands of visitors for many years have trusted our guides with their national park dreams!
  • True local guides that have called the area home for the majority of their lives.  Serving in the local community and raising families here gives our guides a local knowledge that is simply un-matched.

For over 15 years, we have exclusively been offering PRIVATE TOURS!  Each excursion is customized to meet the needs of the private group.  Solo riders if they call in advance may be put onto a waitlist and possibly matched up with other groups.  Solo riders must accommodate the larger group.

  • Back-country roads and trails in Capitol Reef are generally not continuously rough and have areas which are much less rough than others.
  • Switchbacks, canyons and drop-offs exist, but are not as overwhelming and scary as you might imagine.
  • It is not our design or purpose to scare clients and guides will warn of upcoming areas which might make you uneasy.
  • It is always good to let your guide know if you are scared of heights and how much.
  • Our vehicles are enclosed to keep out dust and provide heat or air conditioning.
  • Tours generally cover a lot of area which is more comfortable with air-conditioning and heat when needed.

It is customary and highly recommended that you tip your guide as with any other service.  It is best to do so with cash, but some guides have Venmo or other payment methods.

  • Guides will call the evening prior to the tour and arrange to pick you up from your lodging facility in the  Torrey area. 
  • Loa, Hanksville, Boulder and other locations will require a surcharge.

A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to schedule specific tour dates.  Balances are due 7 days prior to arrival.  We do not accept cancellations within 14 days of arrival as rebooking cancelled dates is unlikely.  A credit may be issued (by calling our office) to reschedule dates in the future if the entire agreed upon balance is paid at the time of cancellation (at our discretion).

The Waterpocket Fold runs north-south from Thousand Lake Mountain all the way to Lake Powell. Scenic Highway 24 runs through the heart of the park, and is the only paved road that crosses the rugged terrain of the Waterpocket Fold. The incredibly scenic Burr Trail also crosses the Waterpocket Fold, from Boulder to Notom-Bullfrog Road; in fact, the Notom-Bullfrog Road/Burr Trail/Scenic Highways 12 and 24 loop is pretty popular. But Notom-Bullfrog Road is the only road that runs parallel to the Fold. It winds along the east side for more than 60 miles, giving great access to the scenic southern section of Capitol Reef National Park, plus views of the Henry Mountains. Although sections of Notom-Bullfrog Road are rugged, sandy and muddy, the road is pretty accessible without a four-wheel-drive vehicle under normal conditions. There are tons of slot canyons and trails just waiting to be explored in Capitol Reef NP. Three of the most popular slot canyons that can be accessed from Notom-Bullfrog Road are Burro Wash, Cottonwood Wash and Sheets Gulch. These open washes quickly narrow into rugged slot canyons carved right into the landscape of the Waterpocket Fold. Lower Muley Twist Canyon is another deep and narrow slot canyon of the Fold, accessible from the Burr Trail Junction switchbacks. Upper Muley Twist Canyon provides some of the most dramatic views of the Waterpocket Fold’s eroded Wingate sandstone and massive arches. The Post and Hall’s Creek Overlook are spur roads that lead to some more distinct and well-known features of the Waterpocket Fold, including Brimhall Natural Bridge.


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