Take the Road Less Traveled

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef Country is a beautiful piece of scenic landscape and outdoor adventure in southern Utah. This place serves as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle with a variety of hiking trails, campgrounds, outdoor activities, parks and local activities in Wayne County, Utah.

Big cities are fun, but sometimes you need to take the road less traveled to discover new places, new fun, and new memories. Come explore Capitol Reef Country!


Things to Do in Capitol Reef Country

The main attraction in Wayne County is Capitol Reef National Park, sometimes misspelled “Capital Reef”. This gorgeous national park is a breathtaking oasis all year round, and a popular tourist destination. Standing in one spot within the park, visitors can see bright blue sky, white and red sandstone cliffs, lush green riverbanks, and the colorful spots of vegetation amid the desert floor. It’s a sight to behold, and reading about it doesn’t do it justice! You need to come see for yourself.

Main Campground

Campers can choose from one of the 25 camping sites found in Goblin Valley State Park’s main campground. The main campground costs $35 per night, including the $20 entrance fee to the park. Additional vehicles are charged $20 per night.


There are three marked hiking trails in Goblin Valley State Park, making it easy to explore in an hour or two. Follow these trails through the Valley of Goblins and to various viewing sites throughout the park. One of the most fun ways to hike Goblin Valley is by going off-trail and exploring the hoodoos up close. Visitors are allowed to hike around freely, but extreme caution is requested to preserve the hoodoo structures that have been formed for millions of years. Damaging the “goblins” of Goblin Valley is a crime. But feel free to get as close as you want!

Mountain Biking

The Wild Horse Mesa Mountain Bike Trail system is a variety of looping trails that take mountain bikers to various scenic views within the park. The Wild Horse trails are exciting and a great way to see lesser-known parts of Goblin Valley.


The night sky above Goblin Valley State Park is one of the darkest you’ll find anywhere on the planet! Due to the extremely low levels of light pollution in the area, visitors can look up and see incredibly clear views of the stars of the Milky Way. It’s hard to really appreciate what a completely clear view of the night sky looks like until you see it in person.


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