Utah is home to so many incredible places – just because it’s not part of an official National Park, doesn’t make the scenery any less spectacular. The Bentonite Hills and Factory Butte areas are growing in popularity thanks to photographers, Youtube, and social media, and our Velvet Ridge tour showcases stunning terrain few know about due to rough 4×4 trails. Discover some of our favorite areas around Capitol Reef and Grand Staircase-Escalante; Some of the most unique, diverse terrain in the world lies outside the parks!


See the Martian landscape of the Bentonite Hills for yourself! Rising popularity hasn’t made it any easier to reach with a river crossing preventing those without a high-clearance vehicle from reaching this stunning and unique location.

Duration: 3-4 hours

covers all our licensed areas. include lunch.

Prepared Picnic Box

Most restaurants in Torrey close by 9pm, almost always after we return from our sunset adventure. You are free to bring your own food and drink, and we provide a tasty selection snacks for you to enjoy, but you may find it convenient (and delicious!) to order a prepared picnic dinner.Group size: 2 – 12

Roughness of Road: 2/5 - After the river ford.

Over 60-plus miles of water along the salmon River.

Bathroom: No official bathroom - discreet areas and supplies available

Steelhead season begins in mid-March and runs to the end of April on the upper Salmon River.lunch included.


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