1-2 Hour tours

UTV Tours & Guided Rentals

  • TOURS = Guide drives the UTV 
  • GUIDED RENTALS = You Drive Following a Guide
  • HOW TO BOOK A GUIDED RENTAL? Book Tour + Book Rental OR Call and We’ll Book It For You!
Tours are designed to take you to the best trails and keep you from wasting time looking at maps and gps devices!

1 Hour & 2 Hour Tours

1 HOUR TOUR: A fun & exciting but quick trip to the Velvet Ridge overlooking the Fremont River Valley!  Starting at $175

2 HOUR TOUR – OUR MOST POPULAR: Ride atop the 1,000ft. bluffs of Velvet Ridge as well as the mesmorizing Bentonite Hills!  Starting at $275

  • These tours are designed to give you an experience you won’t soon forget and get you back on the road.  For those with a tight schedule!

UTV Rentals

UTV Rentals give you the option to explore the beautiful red rock area at your own pace. By renting a street legal UTV, you can drive out of our parking lot straight to the trails and experience the ease in which UTV’s allow you to climb trails. Rentals can be as short as a half day or for multiple days depending on your needs.

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